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PartnershipsInAction is an initiative of Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. and its network of volunteers across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for innovative programs that create hope and opportunity for disadvantaged communities in the developing world.

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  • The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, which is dedicated to presenting an overview of the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contributions that Muslim civilizations have made to world heritage, will open its doors to the public on September 18, 2014. The Museum’s permanent collection of over 1,000 objects includes masterpieces that reflect a broad range of artistic styles and materials.

  • The recent visit by His Highness the Aga Khan opened up Tanzania to greater investments in the economic and social development of the country. The Aga Khan, who has been a friend of Tanzania since before independence, is a keen follower and partner in the socio-economic development of nations in Africa and Asia. The Aga Khan Development Network agencies presently active in the country span from social sectors such as health and education, to economic and cultural such as banking, tourism, telecom, insurance, infrastructure, cultural and historic cities programs in Zanzibar to name a few.

  • A new 2.5 kilometer road connecting the Khorog Intercity Road to the Dasht Village was completed by the University of Central Asia (UCA) recently. The two-lane Dasht road is part of several infrastructure projects completed by UCA, which are essential for full-scale construction to begin, and have employed to some 250 local residents. The road took five months to complete and connects the University’s Khorog main campus site to the upper Dasht plateau, where many local communities reside.


Muyassar's nine-month fellowship with Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. (AKF USA) has taught him a lot about international development, both its institutions and its individuals. Since his previous blog, in which he shared the impressive impact of savings groups in Tajikistan, he has learned a lot through his experience in the Washington, DC office and the perspective of a donor-liaison office. Read on to for his reflections on his time here in DC as his fellowship comes to a close and he prepares to return home.